Kanjani8 will be releasing a new single called ‘Maemuki Scream‘!



Kanjani8 will soon be releasing their new single ‘Maemuki Scream‘ on August 5th, which is currently being used as the commercial song for ‘Oronamin C’! The single album will also feature Kyanjani8‘s debut song ‘Candy My Love‘!



Kyanjani8 are a cross dressing unit that were introduced for the popular app game ‘Candy Crush Soda’ and have signed under Infinity Records. Their first ever single will be a love ballad from a girl’s point of view.



The single album will be released as a ‘regular’ edition, a ‘limited’ edition and a ‘limited time Kyanjani8’ edition! The regular edition will include a total of 6 tracks, the aforementioned two, karaoke versions, a version of ‘Zukkoke Otokomichi‘ as well as another new and currently untitled song. The limited edition will include the two new tracks as well as a DVD that includes footage of ‘Zukkoke Otokomichi‘ and ‘Maemuki Scream‘. The limited time Kyanjani8 edition will include the two new tracks and a DVD containing the music video for ‘Candy My Love‘! This will only be available until October so get it quickly!



Stay tuned for Kanjani8′s new single ‘Maemuki Scream‘ which will be released on August 5th!