KARA‘s Gyuri collaborated with the indie band From the Airport for ‘The Little Prince‘.



From the Airport is a indie duo consisting of Milo and Zee. They made their debut in 2012 with ‘Colors‘ and have been signed under Fluxus Music, known for artists like Clazziquai Project or Urban Zakapa, since June 2013.



The Little Prince” was first revealed through the ‘4 Things Show‘ as a self-produced music video. Through this release, Gyuri is able to show off a different side to her than what people usually know her for, and also proves that she is able to take on different genres. Later, the song was released as a double single online, which consists of the title track and the other track is called “Return“.  Meanwhile, the music video as well as the making-of video have been released.



So check it out below!