KARD revealed first teaser photo for their upcoming release!

They are a new co-ed group under DSP Media. Previously, the four have released “Oh NaNa” and “Don’t Recall“. Even though they haven’T amde their official debut yet, an US fanmeet tour is already planned.

But for now, they have revealed the first teaser for their next project single. It is called “Rumor” and will be revealed on April 24th. You can check out the poster above and stay tuned for furhter updates!


The group, who has been rocking the music scene since their debut, has now unveiled BM and Jeon Somin‘s teaser pictures for “Rumor”! Check them out below!

The King has also unveiled a black and white picture of himself on his personal instragram account. Check it out below!



Un post condiviso da BM비엠 (@bigmatthewww) in data:


Rumor has it that the Ace and the Color Joker have now their own teaser images. Check them out below!


New day, new bunch of teasers! For the next level of teasing, K.A.R.D unveiled two gorgeous couple pics for the members revealing us the group’s two units. Check them out below!


Finally, with this update, we can take a look at K.A.R.D group teaser images and the members are outstanding. What do you expect from this comeback?