K.A.R.D has released their next track, called “Don’t Recall“, along with the music video!

Following “Oh NaNa“, the co-ed group has released their second pre-debut release. It’s an upbeat track about ‘not recalling’ a bad (past) love. Even though the track uses similar elements as the first release, it expresses different feelings. You can check out the music video above!

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Apparently, there will be a hidden version which is set to be released two weeks after the main music video. It is said to be a special track for international fans who have showed great support already. So look forward!

Additionally, they have revealed the making for it through which they show how they fool around and are enjoying the shooting behind-the-scenes.

Furthermore, DSP Media has uploaded a theory video in which YouTuber DreamTeller analyses and shares his interpretation of the music video in detail. Check it out below! Do you have your own theory?


K.A.R.D really like to spoil their fans and so they have now released a choreography video for “Don’t Recall”! Check it out below!