The co-ed group KARD are gearing up for part two of their pre-debut project after dropping their explosive single ‘Oh NaNa‘ in December of last year!

The group made up of members Jiwoo, Somin, BM and J.Seph will return with their new single ‘Don’t Recall‘ set for release on February 16th. Not much information about the single has been released or who the hidden member will be this time.

However, the teaser images for Jiwoo and Somin are out. Jiwoo looks thoughtful against the bright popping yellow background, whilst Somin gives the camera a serious look. Check them out below and stay tuned for the boys’ teasers!


4 new teasers have been released! It’s the boys’ turn this time as DSP unveil BM and J.Seph‘s individual photos. Additionally, two group photos have been unveiled, showing the tracklist for ‘Don’t Recall‘ as well!

[UPDATE #2] 

Similar to the teasing process for their first single, KARD have dropped the ‘key point of dance’ teaser for ‘Don’t Recall‘. Dressed in white, the four members can be seen playing with levels and formations along to a repetitive beat that gives us a quick preview of what the new song will sound like. Take a listen to it below.


Another teaser photo is unveiled! This time, it’s another group photo where the members are wearing the same outfits as the teaser video above. They look innocent and charming, with captivating gazes towards the camera. Check it out!


KARD continue to teaser for their upcoming return and release teaser videos for Somin & Jiwoo and BM & J.Seph as well as a music video trailer. Look forward to their next release!