On January 27th Eluphant member Kebee released his solo album entitled ‘Water‘, as well as the music video for the promotion track “My Foreigner” featuring BrotherSu‘s vocals.

Have a peep at the track list below:


1. 방음 (Quiet Room) (Feat. Taek)
2. 외국인 (My Foreigner) (Feat. BrotherSu) *
3. 껍질 (Bark) (Feat. Kim HyoEun)
4. 젖게 놔둬 (Holiday)
5. Brainriding
6. The Rooms
7. Ya
8. 범 (Boom)
9. 자아도취 (Narcissism) (Feat. The Quiett)
10. 어때 (Hometown) (Feat. Yang Dail)
11. Welcome

My Foreigner” talks about falling in love with someone from a different culture. The music video shows a Japanese girl and a French girl trying to understand the Korean culture. Check it out above!

The rapper has previously released the music video for “Ya” back in November of last year.

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You can also have a look at the music video making and his freestyle rap below!