Kimura Kaela is preparing for the release of an extraordinary new single “EGG“ on 2nd September!



Kimura Kaela’s upcoming 22nd single is going to include three tracks, “EGG“, “SHOW TIME“ and “Obake Nante Nai sa”, with the instrumental version of “EGG” as the fourth track.  With the help of Rika Eguchi, known for her installations of translucent eggs, the singer has even transformed herself into an egg on the covers for new single!



The title track “EGG“ is a ballad song that displays the gentle process of being born, breaking out from “life chains“ and finding one’s own path in the future. This song is also used in the TBS drama “37.5°C no Namida“. The other two tracks are piano rock tune “SHOW TIME“ (composed by AxSxE and arranged by H ZETT M) and a cover of Japanese children song “Obake Nante Nai sa“.



For the Limited Edition DVD, Kimura Kaela has prepared six songs from the final concert of singer’s live house tour “MITAI KIKITAI UTAITAI”. And all of you, who are planning to purchase this single, will automatically enter the lottery for attendance to a singer’s free live event on 9th September at Shibuya Kokaido. There will be 2,000 passes available, so those, who are interested, hurry up with your purchase! Don’t miss such opportunity!



CD Track List:

01. EGG
03. Obake Nante Nai sa
04. EGG (Instrumental)



Limited Edition DVD:

Kimura Kaela Live House TOUR2015 「MITAI KIKITAI UTAITAI」 at Shimokitazawa Shelter 2015.6.23 Live & Document

01. sonic manic
02. c’mon
03. Satisfaction
04. Level 42
05. one more