KQ Produce announced that LUCY will make her debut as a singer!

In 2012 she was the leader of idol group GLAM under Big Hit Entertainment. However, they disbanded in 2014. Following this, she appeared on SMTM4 in 2015 where her struggles were revealedto the public. Later she then joined KQ Produce which is the sub-label of KQ Entertainment just like Block B‘s Seven Seasons. She already made her debut as a lyricist with label mate EDEN‘s debut track “I’m Still“. She co-wrote the lyrics, mainly focusing on Kwon Jin Ah‘s part to represent the girl’s perspective. Additionally, she appeared as the leading female character in the music video for another label mate. It’s Babylon‘s “Crush On You“.

She will now make her debut as a solo singer and it has been revealed that she is heavily involved in the production process. Regarding her debut track, the title was revealed to be ‘paradise‘, all produced by Lucy herself. Also, the video director is non other than V-Hawk!

Look forward to more and check out the teaser photos!



KQ PRODUCE has unveiled the intro teaser video for her upcoming debut release ‘paradise‘. It begins with her being bored but then she decides to blow bubbles and starts to have fun. The previous dull atmosphere becomes more alive and colorful as well.

You can check out the teaser below!

Additionally, Dingo Music released Lucy‘s cover Marian Hill‘s “Down” in which you can listen to her great vocals. Next to her is fellow label mate EDEN who supports her on the Keyboard. So don’t miss it!



As previously stated, Lucy will soon make her debut as the third KQ Produce artist and the first female soloist. She will release a single album, titled ‘paradise’ with the leading track “B-DAY” for which a music video teaser has been released! The video hints for a colorful and fun release with ‘strange’ things happening. Her track will also feature female rapper Kisum!

So check it out below and look forward to the full release on March 22nd!

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