Kyuhyun has revealed the teaser photos and the tracklist for his comeback album ‘Waiting for You‘ featuring two lead tracks, “Blah Blah” and “Still“.

There will be a special collaboration with ballad kings Sung Si Kyung and Yoon Jong Shin.

Still” was composed and produced by Sung Si Kyung, while “Blah Blah” was composed and produced by Yoon Jong Shin.


The album will be released on November 10th. Look forward to it!

Check out the tracklist and the teaser photos below!


A further teaser image of Kyuhyun has been released, which has been added as the final image to the gallery above, as well as the music video teaser for “Blah Blah“! In the teaser, Kyuhyun is seen getting styled up and looking very handsome dressed from head to toe in formal wear. The teaser ends with a reminder of Kyuhyun‘s comeback on November 10th, so don’t miss it!



Kyuhyun has released the music video teaser for the second leading track “Still“. It was previously revealed that both tracks are ballad tracks, going well with the autumn season. “Still” was produced by Sung Si Kyung. In the teaser we can see the couple spending a great time together but then it’s getting colder and the situation changes.

But check out the video teaser below!