LambC has returned with a new EP and music video!

LambC, who sang released ‘The Simple Song‘ in July 2016, returns as a mature gentleman for his new EP ‘Absence Side A‘. All of the tracks were mixed and mastered by the talented artist himself.

The EP consists of three songs and LambC plays a heavy part in the production of all of them. It’s evident to see that the artist had an amazing team behind the creation of the album too:

Love Like That:
Produced by: LambC, Jamie Song
Composed by: LambC, Jamie Song
Lyrics: LambC
Piano – Jamie Song
Drums – Jamie Song, LambC
Bass – Jamie Song
Background Vocals – Jung Yoon Choi

I’ll be there:
Produced by: LambC
Composed by: LambC
Lyrics: LambC
Piano/Organ – Jamie Song
Drums – LambC
Bass – Feri Bong

Dear. Caramel(Feat. Jung Yoon Choi)
Produced, Composed, Lyrics by: LambC
Guitar – Peter Woo
Violins – Tim Reynolds

Feature – Jung Yoon Choi