SM Entertainment’s jazz vocalist Lee Dong Woo is back with a new full album.

Walking“, by Lee Dong Woo, is a 10-tracks album released on December 24th. The singer, who’s blind, partecipated in the making of of the album by writing lyrics. Check out the tracklist below!

  1. Once There Was a Love
  2. What a Wonderful Cane (title track)
  3. Marry Me
  4. Sweet Island (feat. Shin Yona)
  5. Lonely Night
  6. Smiling Face
  7. Cheers To Nothing
  8. Wanna Be Your Guitar
  9. Step It Up
  10. What a Wonderful Cane (English ver.)

For the main track, “What a Wonderful Cane” he has also released a very interesting music video. Check it out above! The track has Lee Dong Woo characteristic jazz sound with a mix of pop and swing. It talks about the path the singer had to take with his imagination to overcome the sorrow and loneliness he felt in the city because of its condition.