The wait is over! LEGEND are finally back with “Shadow” and an awesome music video to go with it!



They’ve been teasing fans endlessly with various images and clips, so Japako are happy to announce that they’ve finally returned to the music scene with a complete turn from their last comeback, “Trace“! They released their music video on August 2nd! They have worked with LACONIC and Harry Brooks Jr. for the track.



It’s impossible not to fall in love with their undeniable charms as they change up their look and concept. Longing gazes to the female protagonists along with shedding some skin here and there, what more could you ask for? LEGEND definitely impress with their new twist for song and concept whilst still keeping their signature style. The members asked fans to pay attention to their choreography for this comeback, and they really didn’t disappoint! As expected, their vocals are impeccable too!



Check it out below!