Rookie boy group LEGEND will be making a comeback soon under a new company name.



The boys of LEGEND made an impressive impression when they made their debut with “Left Out ()” last summer with the slight reggae sound and smooth choreography. Their group having an average height of 184 cm doesn’t hurt either. It has been over a year since the 5-member boy group made their debut and they have revealed that they will be making a comeback very soon.







They will be releasing a new digital single titled “SHADOW” on August 3rd under a new company name SS Entertainment, as their former company JK Space has amalgamated the two companies into one. For the upcoming comeback’s title track, the boys have been working with producer team LACONIC, who has previously worked with 5 Seconds of Summer, Melissa Steel, Tanya Lacey, and more, and with composer Harry Brooks Jr. to create a sound and feel of a gentleman. They especially ask fans to pay attention to the choreography as well.



Meanwhile, the group has revealed that it took 8 long months to find the right track to make a comeback with this time. Member Lito revealed that the group feels like they have been running full force since their debut and reassured fans that the members have been practicing and learning and that the 8 months that they have been waiting will not be in vain.







Stay tuned for more information on their upcoming release.




Source + Photo Credit: SS Entertainment