The Japanese group LiPS is back with their upcoming second single “Maria.”



LiPS made their debut with a ‘debut CD’ titled “Roommate (ルームメイト)” earlier this year in February. While it is labelled as their ‘debut CD,’ the CD only consisted of the title track. They then released their official first single album “RED” in April. They are now back again this month with another single album “Maria.



The album will be released on July 29th in two different versions – CD + DVD type A and CD only type B. Type A will include a CD with the title track and  a second track “Bye Bye (バイバイ)” and a DVD that contains the music video for “Maria.”  Type B will only contain a CD, but will have a third track that is not included on the CD that comes with the type A – “Sin (罪悪).”



Check out the album trailer and MV spot for the upcoming release: