Alternative hard rock band LOKA have re-booted their Soundcloud account with some more music!

Debuting back in 2012 LOKA are based out of Tokyo, Japan. Some of the original line-up members have since departed now leaving LOKA as a trio however in early 2017 it was announced that PABLO of Pay Money to My Pain had joined the band as a supporting guitarist!

After a year of inactivity on the groups official Soundcloud it’s now back with a bang! On January 30th new tracks “Perfect Enemy”, “New Skin”, “Aumair” and “20XX-LET IT DIE-“ were uploaded for music fans to enjoy. “20XX-LET IT DIE-“ as you may remember was released for digital download back on January 20th and featured on the PS4 game “LET IT DIE”.

Check out all the great LOKA tracks on SoundCloud [HERE]!