Following the news about the release of LOKA‘s upcoming album ‘EVO:ERA’, it was also announced that LOKA‘s track “NEW SKIN” will become an ending theme for a snowboard TV-show!



It was revealed that fifth the track “NEW SKIN” from LOKA‘s new album will be used as an ending theme song for a Japanese snowboarding TV-show titled ‘NO MATTER BOARD’. This program is being broadcasted by Hokkaido TV Broadcasting, and has recently risen in popularity among the Japanese audience. The decision to take LOKA‘s track as the theme came out after “NEW SKIN” was used at a competition at Shiroi Koibito.



The program will officially broadcast in Hokkaido on Wednesday, March 2nd at 12:50 AM (JST). However, the schedule for other prefectures was unveiled to be the following (be aware that the broadcasting company and time are subject to change):



Akita Mainichi Broadcast (AAB) – Wednesday at 1:50 AM
Nagano Asahi Broadcast (ABN) – Wednesday at 1:20 AM
Iwate Asahi Broadcast (IAT) – Monday at 1:20 AM
Aomori Asahi Broadcast (ABA) – Thursday at 1:15 AM
Chiba TV Broadcast (CTC) – Saturday at 22:30 PM
North East Japan Broadcast (KHB) – Monday at 2:56 AM



LOKA is not the first band whose songs are borrowed as the opening/closing themes for ‘NO MATTER BOARD’. At different times, the tracks from such rock bands as MWAM, NOISEMAKER and MTH were also used as tie-ups. Check out ‘NO MATTER BOARD’ on Hokkaido TV Broadcasting’s official webpage [HERE].



Moreover, “NEW SKIN” will also serve as commercial song for ‘ban.K Half Pipe’, which is a well-known snow resort in Hokkaido. It was revealed that ‘ban.K Half Pipe’ will become the place for Snowboard World Cup 2016 and Asia Snowboard Competition 2017. Follow the details on ‘ban.k Half Pipe’s official webpage [HERE].