LOOΠΔ‘s subunit LOOΠΔ 1/3 finally debuted with their spring/summer mini-album ‘Love & Live‘ and have dropped a music video!

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Love & Live” shows the girls’ youth, energy, and prettiness. The music video is colorful and features an outdoor relay race, ViVi ‘charging her battery’, and school halls.

The cartons of lemon juice from the subgroup’s teaser images for this month’s project also make an appearance, adding that fresh feel.

Interestingly enough, the music video was filmed in Hong Kong and New Zealand; and the album’s intro song “Into the New Heart“, “You and Me Together“, “Fairy Tale“, and “Valentine Girl” features TRAX‘s Jungmo.

A special music video for “You and Me Together“, which the girls performed along with “Love & Live” at their SBS Inkigayo performance March 12th, has also been released. The clip takes footage from “Love & Live“, and highlights  Vivi‘s ‘alienation’ from the group as the quiet member that needs energy yet supports the girls.

Watch “Love & Live” above and the special music video for “You and Me Together” below and don’t forget to check out their album!