LotUs wows the audience with his gorgeous introduction teaser track titled “Dreaming“!



Although his upcoming album titled ‘4th Drawing‘ will come out at the start of 2016, LotUs keeps fans waiting with anticipation with this mysterious yet captivating teaser. It begins off being slow, moving listeners into a trance until it progresses into a slightly more passionate yet eerie song at the same time.  It seems that his upcoming album will have a thread of spine-chilling mystery running through it – and we can’t wait to hear!



LotUs first came out with his single ‘1st Drawing Lotus’  back in July of 2013. Since then he as released a single for ‘2nd Drawing BL∞D’, his first album ‘LotUs Vol.1 ‘Netherworld’ and then ‘3rd Drawing ‘Freezing’ back in 2014! He has been extremely consistent with his music quality, so make sure you stay tuned for his upcoming release in early 2016! You can get his albums on iTunes and Melon, and see more about his discography [HERE].



Check out the capturing introduction track below!