Love X Stereo announced their new project through which they want to release a total of 37 songs in 2017!

It has been revealed that they will release a bunch of brand new tracks instead of an album. In total there will be 37 songs as well as videos! They had decided to join the crowdfunding website Patreon which promotes continual release of artistic material based on levels of patronage by fans. Check out their page [HERE].

Love X Stereo set 10 reward levels for becoming an official patron. Note: When you pick a level you will get not only the reward for that level but also the ones before. Check out the overview below:

Level 1 – $1 per month – Access to the Patreon only blogs and comments.
Level 2 – $2 per month – Add early access to the MP3’s of each song download.
Level 3 – $3 per month – Add 2 week early access to video releases from regular fans.
Level 4 – $5 per month – Add your name will be listed at the end of the music videos released for this project.
Level 5 – $10 per month – Add full access to monthly patron-only hangouts each month.
Level 6 – $15 per month – Add a personalized message or video just for you.
Level 7 – $20 per month – Add a personal Skype call with us!
Level 8 – $50 per month – Add rare footage of behind the scenes with the band, exclusive to you.
Level 9 – $100 per month – Add a cover song of YOUR choice, Love X Stereo style.
Level 10 – $1,000 per month – We’re coming to you! If you keep this level of patronage for 4 months straight, we’ll book tickets and come play a show in your city – anywhere in the world!