M-tiful comes back with their new mini album ‘Story‘ and reveals the music video for the title track.



They are a Korean duo and consists of Rae Won and Choi Won Joon. They have now made their comeback with a new mini album, titled, ‘Story’. It contains a total of 15 tracks. However, it also consists of Vietnam and Chinese versions as well as instrumentals, but there are 7 Korean tracks with most of the other tracks having been released before. While they are actually ballads they have now mixed in a groovy beat and hip-hop elements for the title track.



You can check out the music video for “Story” as well as the full tracklist below!






01. 이야기 (Story) (feat. 김은미)
02. 죽을 만큼 아파서 (Sick Enough To Die)
03. 어떻게 웃어 (How Can I Smile)
04. All Right
05. 그깟 사랑 (It’s Just Love)
06. 아파서 사랑이다 (Love Sick)
07. 사랑한다고 (Love You)
08. 이야기 (Vietnam ver.)
09. Sick Enough To Die (Vietnam ver.)
10. How Can I Smile (Vietnam ver.)
11. All Right (Vietnam ver.)
12. Sick Enough To Die (China ver.)
13. 이야기 (inst.)
14. 죽을 만큼 아파서 (inst.)
15. 어떻게 웃어 (inst.)