Mad Clown and Jooheon are the ultimate, ideal rap duo in their new track titled “Get Low“!



While Starship Entertainment has teased for a while about the collaboration, it’s finally here! The two have worked together before for Mad Clown‘s most recent album with a song titled “Kkaenggap“.  Mad Clown never failed to show his admiration for Jooheon’s rapping while he was a judge in the survival program NO.MERCY.  Although Jooheon was in Show Me The Money 4 and got eliminated in the 3rd round, got revived and then lost again to Jaewon, he still proves his impeccable talent in the track below!



The special clip is much like a music video where the two of them show off their excellent rap skills! Even though their delivery and pace contrast, they mesh well together in this song!



Get Low” is produced by Ye-Yo. The cover photo is designed by Mina Kwon, a visual artist that many of you may already know as she’s worked with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown and Taeyang – and that’s only naming a few!



Check out the special clip below and tell us your thoughts!