MAMAMOO fans are bursting with excitement with new teasers for their new comeback, “Um Oh Ah Yeh“!



From risque outfits to tough and gruff men, MAMAMOO can do all! The plethora of teasers show the members are peeping toms in the men’s changing rooms, to sexy hairdressers to just their goofy selves! The teasers also give a bit of insight as to what the song will sound like, which sounds funky and bubbly too!



The girls are set to make a comeback on the 19th of June with their promotion track “Um Oh Ah Yeh” from their second mini album ‘Pinky Funky‘! Check out the teaser images and clips down below!







Out of Wheein, Hwasa and Moonbyul, which is the most attractive man? Tell us below!