Marvel J is finally back with new music. He has released his first mini album, along with two music videos!

Graduation‘ contains a total of 8 tracks with featurings by R&B singer B.O, and fellow rappers Changmo, Don Mills, Deepflow, Basick, and illinit. Marvel J also released two music videos. One for the leading track “Forgive Me” which you can check out above! And the other one is the 5th track, “I Came To Hustle“, which is actually a remastered version. The original version was already released back in 2015! You can check it out below as well as the tracklist!

01. Graduation (Feat. B.O)
02. Jay world
03. Forgive me (Feat. Changmo, Don Mills)
04. So wut (Feat. Deepflow)
05. 돈 벌러 왔어 (Feat. Changmo)
06. 꺼
07. Amen (Feat.Basick)
08. Nothing like hiphop (Feat. illinit)



RBW has now uploaded the audio files with lyrics for Marvel J‘s new mini album onto their YouTube channel, so make sure to check out the playlist below!