Mass Avenue, also known as Choi Kiwoong, has released his first EP titled ‘On My Way‘, as well as the music video for “Confused“.

The EP includes 3 songs: “Confused“, “Special Day” and “After You Leave“, composed and written by the singer himself, who was also helped by Shim KyuMin (piano & organ), Jang SeungHo (contrabass) and Lee KeunHu (guitar).

Confused” is an emotional jazz song that highlights Choi Kiwoong‘s appealing and clear voice. He’s multitalented, as he’s a composer, lyricist, vocalist, drummer and producer.

The music video looks like a live performance, showing the singer who also plays the drums, as well as KyuMin, SeungHo and KeunHu playing the other instruments. Check it out above!