Super Junior‘s Heechul and TRAX‘s Jungmo have made their M&D comeback!

The duo returned with their second album ‘GoodyBag’ on July 12th. The album was composed entirely by Jungmo and consisted of lyrics written by Heechul.

‘GoodyBag’ contains six tracks including the trot-style lead track “Ulsanbawi”! Check out the tracklisting –  and highlight medley – below!

  1. Ulsanbawi (울산바위)
  2. Banana Shake (바나나쉐이크)
  3. Essay (수필)
  4. No DAP (No답) (Feat. No Daegun of Burstered)
  5. Narcissus (feat. Whee In of Mamamoo)
  6. Ulsanbawi (울산바위) (Highway Remix Ver.)

The music video for title track “Ulsanbawi” was also recently released! It features DIA member Jung Chae Yeon with who Heechul has become besotted with! It is surely a sweet and enjoyable watch!

Take a look at the new video for “Ulsanbawi” above the article!