MeteroiD will be releasing their 4th single, ‘Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana‘ on September 2nd!



MeteroiD are a visual kei band who quickly rose to fame after their unique style and impressive music along with their vivid and adrenaline-pumping live performances! They started off as a session band in 2012,  with vocalist GENKI, bassist Ral, and drummer Tomoya, but only became official band in 2013 as that was when guitarists Yutori and Machi joined the band. In September 2014, guitarist Yutori parted ways from MeteoroiD but in November, Mikado joined the band. During that time, their image, concepts and music became a lot darker as well. This new concept can be seen in their most recent single, ‘Sokubaku‘. You can read more about the band [HERE] on their official website.



Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana‘ will be released on the 2nd of September and will come in types A and B. Both of them feature the title track, but A has a DVD and B has an additional song. Both types cost 1,200 yen and are currently available for pre-order on



Type A:

Tori Kago A


CD: Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana
DVD: Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana (Music Video)

[Purchase link]



Type B:

Tori Kago B


1. Tori Kago no Sarasoju ha Shika no Hana
2. Myaku Tokei

[Purchase Link]



4 of the members have also joined Instagram! MeteoroiD’s guitarists, Mikado and Machi, bassist Ral, and drummer Tomoya have created their own accounts! Their usernames are as follows:












mikado (1)



ral (1)



tomoya (1)



What are you waiting for? Go and follow them and pre-order their upcoming single while you’re on it!