The visual kei band Misaruka announced the disbandment date to be May 30th.

Misaruka will release their last album “-WHAT DO YOU WANT?-“ on February 22nd with a couple of new tracks. The band will also release their last best album “All Of Life” on March 29th, before disbanding.

Check out the track list of “All Of Life” below:

01. -Amakusa-
02. -Sin-
03. -Jester-
04. -Ariel-
05. -Baiser-
06. -Jailer Of Justice-
07. -Juliet-
08. -Rasen-
09. -Butterfly Effect-
10. -Last Scene-
11. -Separate-
12. -Misty-
13. -Reunion-

14. -Troy-
15. -Curse Of Contract-
16. -Why Only Me-
17. -Rosary-
18. -Prince-
19. -My Dear Rose-
20. -Rogation-
21. -Calling-
22. -Unacceptable-
23. -Maria-
24. -What Do You Want?-
25. -Hitan No Solist- (-悲嘆のソリスト-)
26. -Jōnetsu No Akai Bara To Tomoni Chiru- (-情熱の紅い薔薇と共に散る-)