Miss A‘s Suzy is set to debut January 17th midnight KST with “Yes? No?” as her album’s title track, produced by J.Y.P.

The full album will be released January 24th, just a year after her hit single “Dream” with EXO’s Baekhyun.

Check out the tracklist below:

1 – Pretending I’m Happy
2 – Yes No Maybe
3 – It’s Always Like That (Feat. Reddy)
4 – Les Preferences
5 – Heater Forever
6 – Trigonotis Peduncularis
Additionally, lyric teasers and a cover image have been released for track 1 “행복한 척(Pretend):

Suzy has also released sexy ‘short clips’ for her debut, and an exclusive live performance of “Pretend” through “Dingo Music“!

The soft R&B track “Pretend” talks of ‘pretending to be happy’.

Stay tuned for more updates!