Show Me The Money 4” teams are all ready in official music videos!



On August 4th Mnet released two official videos for team ZiPal‘s (Zico&Paloalto) and team Brand New‘s (San-E & Verbal Jint). Team ZiPal consists of Song Mino, Andup, One and JaMezz; team Brand New, on the other hand, consists of Black Nut, Basick, Microdot and HanHae.



Team ZiPal’s song “Turtle Boat” and team Brand New ‘s “My Zone” were originally performed live during the episodes as missions at the end of which one of the contestants was eliminated. Then they were recorded in studio. Watch the official music videos below!








On August 8th Mnet also released the official music video for Zico, Paloalto and Mino‘s collaboration track “moneyflow” (다 비켜 봐) which they perfomed on the latest round. Watch the trio’s incredible performance in the video below!