MONSTA X has revealed a new dance practice video for their debut track “Trespass (무단침입).”



The boys of MONSTA X made their debut with the intense “Trespass (무단침입)” last month and impressed fans with their intense debut track and music video.



They recently released a dance practice video for “Trespass (무단침입)” which has the screen divided into two halves. The top half shows the ‘fix’ version, while the bottom half shows the ‘beagle’ version. It’s not hard to see how the versions’ names were picked, since while the the camera is fixed in one position with the boys seriously executing the moves from their choreography in the top version, the boys are seen smiling and goofing off in the middle of the choreography like young puppies in the bottom version. Check it out below:





They have also released the Beagle version of the dance practice video separately. You can watch the young puppies in the video below: