Monsta X make us feel like we’re watching a movie with their gorgeous teasers!

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The first teaser they released was the narration film for “The Last Oath“. Narrated by all the members, the intense clip depicts the concept of youth – or rather, the sadness of it. Never the less, the members go on to say that even through the hard times of growing and stemming away from youth, they will not leave each other and will always be faithful members of their ‘X CLAN‘. The gorgeous teaser stays true to the dialogue’s message as they show their strong bond.

Check that teaser out above!

Not long after, the music video teaser for “Beautiful” was released. It’s not as intense as their narration teaser,but it still continues on the team of youth and loyalty. The clips are aesthetically pleasing, and we get a small sample of what the song will sound like too!

Have a look at it below and stay tuned for the music video release on the 21st!


Monsta X have revealed the album preview for their upcoming album release which is filled with ubeat and catchy tracks! There will be a total of 10 tracks, including the leading track “Beautiful“. As previously revealed, members Jooheon, I.M and Wonho also own some credits.

Check out the preview below! Is there a track you look forward the most?