Monsta X‘s multi-talented rapper Jooheon will be releasing a mixtape titled ‘Out of Control‘ very soon!

However, a 19+ music video for “Rhythm“, one of the tracks from this mixtape, has been pre-released! Jooheon expresses his many feelings as an artist with this track and fierce music video; feelings of thankfulness to fans, shrugging off hate, and happiness.

In addition, fellow Monsta X rapping member I.M. features in this music video, although for a split second. The two walk around Hong Kong, while Jooheon uses the setting to add to the 19+ vibe and show his ‘rhythm’.

The teaser image for the mixtape ‘Volume 2‘ below gives off an urban rap vibe, such as the aesthetic of the music video for “Rhythm“, and similar to his last piece “RAPPIN“. This was a mixtape for Dok2‘s “HUNNIT” featuring DJ DOPSH, released December 27th 2015.

Who else cannot wait to hear the rest of Jooheon‘s next mixtape?!