G.I‘s three new members introduce themselves to fans from their fancafe!



The first member is Heesoo, who pouts adorably for her fans in her introductory selca. She captions it as the following:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


Hello. This is the new member of GI, Moon HeeSo.^^
Haha I’m shaking…
Actually, thinking about what I should write, my head is all mixed up. ㅠㅠ
I am preparing hard with Eunji, Ai, Dokyung, and Jiamin!
Even though everything is new, so I am nervous…
I will definitely show you a good image!!!!
Please support me. 🙂




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The second member is Dokyung, who writes this under her mini plethora of cute selcas:


Hello Everyone ~~~  I am Dokyung, who has been added to GI this time ㅎㅎ
This is my first time, so I am really nervous.
Ever since I was added to the group, I wanted to show a really good image so I have been putting in a lot of effort. Please anticipate ㅎㅎ^^!!
Our comeback is close ^^!! Please support us a lot ~~>< Lastly, I’m posting a picture!<3





The final member to be introduced is Jiamin, who has a cute photo of her taken as she’s laughing. She says:


Hello~My greeting is late, huh, I’m sorry ㅠ  I’m the new member of GI Amin, ㅎㅎ While I was preparing for my debut, I thought it was pretty far away but when it got close it doesn’t feel real, I’m shaking… haha I really prepared hard! Please watch me preciously^^ From now I will show you an interesting and fun image, so please favor me! Well then, let’s meet on the day of my debut ♡



It seems that all of the members are super nervous for their upcoming debut as members of G.I, so make sure you watch over them well!




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