Morning Mesume ’15 will be releasing not one, or two, but three new singles this August! 



The group made an announcement on their YouTube show ‘Hello! Sta #125’ where they revealed that they will be releasing the singles ‘Oh my wish!‘, ‘Sukatto My Heart‘ and ‘ Ima Sugu Tobikobu Yuuki‘ in an album on August 19th! The album will be available in versions A – C with limited and regular editions. The limited editions will include the music video for the title track of the album.



Fans who attended their live tour on July 11th will already be familiar with the new songs as they performed them during the concert! However if you couldn’t make the concert, watch the announcement video as it includes a short preview of one of their songs ‘Sukatto My Heart‘!





You can also view the album covers for each edition below!



[Regular Edition A]


Morning Musume '15



[Limited Edition A]





[Regular Edition B]







[Limited Edition B]


Morning Musume '15




[Regular Edition C]


Morning Musume '15




[Limited Edition C]


Morning Musume '15