BIGBANG - La la la

Review: This is really amazing to see GD, TOP, Daesung, Tae yang and Seungri in one of their first Music video “La la la”. They are so young there but you can ... Read More

BIGBANG - Monster

Their last music video „Monster“ is really weird. Since the song is a love song, the music video is not really corresponding with the lyrics, except for the fac... Read More

100% - Bad boy

Review: For their very first music video 100% is giving us a good idea of their talents. They have a strong choreography and a very good song. It's nice to s... Read More

BIGBANG - Tonight

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100% - Guy like me

Review: The song „Guy like me“ is a wonderful ballad, it's once again about a guy breaking up with his girlfriend thinking he is not good enough for her. The... Read More