The theme of the video is thatthe AOA girls are all magicians and show you various magic and card tricks throughout the video while sections of them dancing on a magician’s stage are shown in-between. The end of the video shows one of the AOA members disappearing from a tank of water she was chained up in from the start of the video and leaves behind a playing card with the new album cover and title on it.

The song is all about being so in love with someone that they make your head dizzy and your heart race.

It is a really catchy song and I’d rate it at 5 out of 5!

Review written by Kirsty

AOA - Bing Bing
It is a really good theme for the AOA members to have a go at as they pull it off perfectly!
The change between magic tricks and dancing are a little out of time but it doesn’t stop the song and video being really good!
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