On February 2017, five-piece boy group BEATWIN released their music video for their latest track, “떠나지 말아요 (Don’t Leave).” This will be the group’s 4th digital single that will showcase the members’ more sentimental and gentle side.

In the video, the boys can be seen taking a walk alongside the coast of the beach. They slowly move by the shoreline together with looks of anguish or misery, which is evident as one members kicks-up the sand in a distressing matter, while others clench their fist. The music video paints a grim and melancholy image for viewers even more so, as the film only displays a grey scale of the members and their surroundings.

The song as well demonstrates feelings and emotions of sadness as a light piano instrumental, serves as the foundation for the track. Then gentle strings are introduced and violins begin to spring-up adding a tender touch. The vocals of each member was pretty good. They weaved perfectly with the melody and even the rap verse which was soft at first before it began to built-up. However, it fused well with the tune as it stayed true to the theme of the song.

Overall, “Don’t Leave” hits listeners right in the feels. This track is truly a tearjerker as the sad ballad combines with the members emotional vocals and lyrics. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of ballads but, I actually thought it was quite lovely even though it made me a little sad. Now, if you have not heard this number yet or love tender ballads; then you need to check this song out.

Written by Irma

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Emotional performance as well as a strong and touching ballad.
Simplistic visuals and concept that could have been better developed.
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