“Rising Sun” by BEATWIN is a fun music video with a backtrack that doesn’t quite match up with the video’s concept.

The music video for “Rising Sun” depicts the BEATWIN members as the age old Manhwa gangster stereotype. The BEATWIN members pull off the style well with their classic pompadour and mullet hairstyles alongside their embellished varsity jackets.

“Rising Sun” is seemingly filled in the colourful and disorderly backstreets of Korea, a backdrop fit for their concept. The boys waltz up and down the streets looking threatening, as they make their way to find somebody to pick a fight with.

I do like how the music video was filmed in the charmingly messy streets, however, it adds character to the music video and it puts more focus on the members of BEATWIN themselves, sometimes I find with music videos that I get very distracted by flashy backdrops and scenery!

My favourite part of the music video was definitely the ending; the fight scene is not overdone yet it is the perfect addition to the music video. I find this music video somewhat hilarious as the track for “Rising Sun” is an upbeat, peppy pop song, whereas the boys themselves look intimidating and macho.

The music video does not have much of a storyline to it nor does it have anything particularly complex to follow, so I feel in a way it was dragged out a lot to match the song. I still enjoyed watching it though! I would like to give the music video a 4 out of 5 rating.

Review written by Isabelle

BEATWIN - Rising Sun
I love how the boys are dressed up as the stereotype for delinquents
The music video felt dragged out as it did not have a lot to focus on!
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