“Last Dance” marks an important moment of BIGBANG as a group. As one of the final releases before the mandatory service, “Last Dance” sends the fans off with tears in their eyes.

“Last Song” is a good-bye song, it is powerful, it has that special something that makes you shiver and could bring some tears in your eyes. It shines through great lyrics, significant voices and a symbolic MV. It does not captivate you as much as the song itself, but still, it leaves some scent of beauty and appreciation.

There is actually no special story in this MV, there is nothing that particularly stands out, it just simple colours, single members close ups and a lot of camera rotations and upside-down shootings. But what I really appreciated was the unity of the group shown in the video, them as five, them as single individuals that blend together to create the longevity of this kpop group. Still, there could have been so much more to put in this MV.

Review written by moed88

BIG BANG - Last Dance
Impressive lyrics
MV could have been more powerful
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