On the 14th Feb, BIGFLO, the 7 member boy group under HO entertainment, released the music video for Stardom, the title track on their 4th EP. This is our first real glimpse at the new BIGFLO without former members Z-Uk and Kichun but with the addition of their three new members (Euijin, Sungmin and Lex). However, the video only features 6 of the 7 members as leader Junkyun is currently inactive due to his military service. The absence of their leader didn’t stop these boys who came back with a bang.

We first see BIGFLO strutting confidently towards a door, their backs to the camera. We are then teased with a quick glimpse of each member in each turn. This video takes an interesting path, as the group play characters in a video game. The video is largely dark, filmed in a large room with concrete walls and flooring. Darkness is interrupted by blinding beams of light which illuminate the members and represent hope in times of darkness. The most colour in the video comes from the bright orange suit donned by new member Lex. Overlooking the fact that orange is the colour of US convicts, a bright orange suit is one way to make your presence known. You go Lex, let’s not forget that orange is the new black.

On the surface, this video depicts BIGFLO as part of a video game where they battle a masked enemy with an impressive body by any standards. However, strip that all away and you have a real message. The entire video (perhaps bar the choreography) represents the struggle to achieve success as an idol. BIGFLO start at stage one and are met with an enemy, they defeat this enemy to progress to the next stage and so on. In a wider sense, this tells us that there are numerous barrier which we must overcome to be successful. In relation to the Korean music industry, this most likely represents the numerous stages and tests Kpop idols go through from auditioning to years of training to debuting. In moments of exhaustion, you look to your fellow trainees for support as can been seen by BIGFLO giving each other supportive nods. After conquering the initial stages, they reach the final stage and face their biggest enemy yet: themselves. Once they defeat themselves (self-doubt) they open the door to the bright light of stardom (and paparazzi). This brings home the most common piece of advice we hear, “the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is yourself”. This is wonderfully demonstrated in this video.

Like most dance tracks the video features some choreography. It’s always fun to see idols dance and this is no exception. The choreography is good and that fits well with the beat. The best part of the choreography is right near the end when BIGFLO really come into their element. Despite this, the choreography doesn’t stand out and is easy to forget.

Overall, this is a catchy dance track with a creative video which switches between thrilling fight scenes and choreography.Surprisingly, this video is packed with insight about success. Do you have a dream you want to pursue? Check out Stardom for some inspiration.

Review written by Celena

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