With any great release comes an accompanying MV of similar quality: Block B’s ‘Shall We Dance’ is no different. Released on 7th November 2017, the MV for ‘Shall We Dance’ is a great accompaniment to the track, which is a powerful urban track with a lot of attitude. Block B give us an MV that totally matches with the tone of the track. So let’s get into it!

A simple choreography can make a massive difference to the MV. Whilst we see beautifully complex choreographies from groups like BTS which serve a particular purpose—to grab their audience—the choreography for ‘Shall We Dance’ is precisely what it says it is: an invitation to dance. It’s simple and accessible and allows us all to have a go.

Of course, the set is also incredibly suitable for this MV: rebellious and out of the city, on the outskirts of nowhere, in abandoned place where these rebels can engage in their sound without being disturbed. The scene of the members and dance company dancing in the empty and incomplete apartment block is also incredibly effective: it opens up the space and makes us realise just how large this area actually is.

Let’s not forget costumes! As in their other MVs, Block B are matched in their crazy costumes and outfits. They’re so fun and crazy, but also so Hallyu, which makes this an even more fun watch! (Though, I’m not sure about U-Kwon’s boxer braids…!)

In some ways, the MV is quite simple: it’s just a MV showcasing a simple choreography and set. But it’s still incredibly effective and conveying precisely the tone that Block B want to convey: something a bit more grassroots, not fancy or over-the-top (arguably!), but something that visually corresponds to the sound. It’s also great that Korean groups like Block B are being more inclusive and including other ethnicities and races in their MVs. It’s a demonstration of the progress of Hallyu as it enters into 2018. Definitely a great watch!

Block B - Shall We Dance
Simple choreography
great sets
Need I say more?!
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