BtoB are back with their 2nd full length album, “Brother Act.”, with the autumn ballad “Missing You” as the title track. Co-composed and co-written by members Hyunsik, Minhyuk, Ilhoon and Peniel, the song is the latest in BtoB’s repertoire of sentimental pop ballads, full of smooth vocals and easy-on-the-ear live band sounds.

The lyrics are plain and sincere, speaking about missing someone dear to you and how the feeling doesn’t change even as time passes:

“I was missing you and another day passed
I was missing you and another year passed
This is how I live
As I long for you, long for you”

The video reflects the theme of the lyrics, showing each member in their daily lives and their anguish and pain at losing the person dear to them. The video is beautifully shot and interestingly lit, often contrasting natural light with artificial and warm light with cold in the same shot, and the opening scene is particularly nice; the camera follows Hyunsik without changing between shots and there is a sense of watching someone who cannot see you.

However, the video doesn’t offer much context into who the members are missing or what causes them respectively to start crying / smash bottles / collapse on a bridge / run after a car. While these scenes and their acting would be perfectly acceptable with some extra context and story, it happens so suddenly and randomly that it seems more like an arbitrary display of emotional acting, however skilful.

The song plays to the vocal line’s strengths, though the rappers each get sizeable verses and manage impressively to each bring something different to the song, whilst maintaining the emotional vibe. In fact, the song is structured very cohesively, with melodic verses, an interesting bright guitar accompanying Ilhoon and Peniel’s prechoruses and an appropriately agitated verse by Minhyuk at the climax and bridge.

Overall, the song excellently displays the members’ individual voices and BtoB’s signature sentimentality, and is a lovely addition to this autumn’s releases. Cohesive and consistent structure and instrumentation make for a very listenable song and the memorable chorus melodies help make it an even stronger title track. The video is pretty and reflects the song’s lyrics and mood exactly as you would expect a music video of the song to, with the only flaw being the lack of context and story; nevertheless, it does its job and allows the song and members to shine in its stead.

Review by Vivien

BTOB - Missing You
Great chorus melody
Consistent and cohesive structure
Lovely band instrumentation
Aesthetically pleasing video
Lack of context in the video’s story
Doesn’t push musical or lyrical boundaries very much
Voted Thanks!