BTOB, the 7 member boy group signed with Cube Entertainment, entertained us with their MV for Movie released on the 6th March. This MV is full of humour and colour and reflects the dynamic personalities of the boys. Movie comes just a few weeks before BTOB’s 5th anniversary.

BTOB brings an injection of colour into our lives in “Movie”. From the jazzy outfits to the bright walls and rainbow lighting, this is a spectacularly colourful video guaranteed to brighten your day. The video features a variety of exciting (and colourful) sets to complement the array of colour present in every other aspect of the video. We are treated to elegant rooms, cafes and a jazzed-up basement-like space.

The MV lives up to the song title, featuring various elements involved in movie making. Each member has a role (e.g director, cameraman) in making the movie but this isn’t all – each member transforms into a movie star, playing the leads in their own mini movies. The movies cover a variety of story lines from a man pursuing a beautiful woman to a charming spy in action.

Sungjae and Minhyuk have some acting experience which helps to explain their slick scenes. I’d like to imagine they gave their fellow members acting advice but I can’t be sure considering the cringeworthy facial expression pulled by Eunkwang reflects his usual persona so not much acting needed. As we watch each member give a performance of a lifetime, so do BTOB who gather around a sofa to marvel at their efforts, enjoying every moment: from the dramatic to the hilarious. To top it all off, just like a movie the video ends with credits which also helps you learn their names if you’re new to BTOB, what more could you ask for?

Movie is a lovely upbeat song which sounds as bright as the video looks. This song reminds us that social butterfly, Peniel, is Korean American as we hear him drop his entire rap in English. Although this is a great song to bob your head to, it isn’t as catchy as some other BTOB songs such as Wow and Beep Beep. The song is accompanied by some laid-back choreography which fits the feel of the song.

In typical BTOB fashion, this MV exudes personality. It is humorous, colourful and demonstrates the close relationship between the members. BTOB have fun in the video and we have fun watching them. I would recommend Movie to anyone having an off day.

Review written by Celena

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