BTS likes contrasts: and no more clear is the contrast between the two MVs for their repackage of “WINGS”. The second MV for “You Never Walk Alone” is ‘Not Today’, a hip-hop-influenced dance track, with a heavy choreography in the same vein as ‘Fire’. The MV for ‘Not Today’ was released one week later on 19th February 2017, keeping the buzz of “You Never Walk Alone” alive for one week longer. Within three days, the MV has been watched over 21.5 million times. Compared to ‘Spring Day’, ‘Not Today’ is a high-power, quick-paced MV with a fantastically solid choreography that will keep you moving from the moment you press play. Like ‘Fire’, ‘Not Today’ is not rooted by any particular narrative or story, so I’ll focus on production aspects and the underlying themes of the MV.

For one thing, like ‘Spring Day’, this MV has been beautifully filmed: it’s been filmed in such a way that each setting, from the warehouse to the mountainside path to open airfield, are open and exposed rather than being cluttered and claustrophobic. It makes the MV so much more enjoyable to watch.

However, another reason for filming in this way is because of the vast number of back-up dancers. Whilst usually BTS are enough for a whole dance troupe, the addition of over twenty back-up dancers really adds to the dramatic and rather militant feel of the MV, much like the concluding few scenes of ‘Fire’.

This vast number of dancers – as I mentioned before – gives the MV a militant feel which is further supported by a rigid, strong, powerful yet graceful choreography, again like ‘Fire’. The choreography is mesmerising and really showcases BTS’ most unbelievable dance skills: this MV is pure energy and anyone watching this, even if you’re not particularly keen on the track, will get you moving.

Thematically, the MV is about not giving up and there is an emphasis through the lyrics that they will not surrender, not today, and judging from the powerful MV, probably not tomorrow or next week nor next year either! The choreography, back-up dancers (dressed in black ninja-esque costumes), as well as the cinematography emphasise and really set up the themes of ‘Not Today’ perfectly, relaying their message very clearly, and without beating around the bush.

Overall, this is a winning MV: again, BTS have showcased just how talented an idol group they are, developing their skills and artistry in Hallyu. If anyone is changing the force of the Hallyu Wave, it is BTS!

Review written by Tariq

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BTS - Not Today
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