On 2th of March 2016, FIESATR’s Cao Lu, GRIEND’s Yerin and rapper Kisum, took us into this spring fairytale land with their new single called “Why Is It Spring Again?”.

The song talks about the 3 girls who are complaining about the fact that they are single during this lovely time where you can only see couples outside. Spring is the season when everything comes back to life after the cold winter, and usually people find peace and love. That does not happen to our 3 girls who feel more lonely than ever. They are sick of seeing couples playing outside, and hearing about their friends getting married. They even seem allergic to love, and it makes them depressed, not wanting to go outside. They pity themselves, feeling sorry for their own pain and misery. They are tired of being alone and single, and also seeing couples on dates won’t make them feel any better. They don’t understand why Spring is such a special season for everyone since nothing out of the ordinary is happening to them. Every day seems just like a normal day.

The lyrics are quite sad, in comparison to the video that is one of the most colourful videos I have ever seen. The singers are dressed in vibrant colours, with the incomparable kpop fashion style, extremely girly and lovely, looking all energetic and fresh. This style is matched perfectly with the spring vibe, however, the sad lyrics are in opposition with the lively music video. The music video is aesthetically pleasing and the images are so vivid and alive. The girls are just playing around feeling sorry for themselves. There are no other people involved in the music video, showing that the girls are all alone. They are acting cute and childish, playing around, with a colourful and vibrant scenery in the back. The music video is quite simple, the director focusing more on the 3 girls, their looks and aesthetics rather than telling a story. The story lives in the lyrics, who are already powerful enough.

Overall, I think the music video is suitable for a warm spring, the pop beat matches with the vibrant style of the video and the girls’ personalities are more charismatic than ever.

Review written by Andreea Cristina

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Cao Lu (FIESTAR), Yerin (GFRIEND) & Kisum - Spring Again
Really colourful and vibrant, perfect for spring.
Maybe a little bit too simple.
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