Like many other music videos, “Surrender” by Chancellor (featuring Lyn) tells a love story, a slightly unconventional one at that. The whole premise of this music video is about “surrendering” to love.

The music video is pretty swanky. It is shot primarily in black and white with some dashes of colour here and there throughout the music video. The music video’s main character is a tough looking guy covered in tattoos, while his love interest, although we only see her for a brief moment, seems to be your classic pretty girl. The styles of the pair obviously don’t match, making it a bit more unconventional and not your stereotypical “handsome-guy-meets-pretty-girl” music video.

The music video is not symbolism-heavy, however there are nice meaningful tidbits here and there, for example, at the end of the music video, the guy is waving a white flag – meaning he is surrendering to love!

“Surrender” is a beautifully shot music video. There are lovely scenes such as the all-white scene where Chancellor is scene playing piano, there is something very drawing and ethereal about it, it is eye-catching! There isn’t a lot going on in the music video at all, but it is still very entrancing and I enjoyed watching it.

The music was great to listen to, it was unlike a lot of Korean music; it lacked a synthetic feeling and it felt as if Chancellor and Lyn were truly performing from their hearts!

I really enjoyed this music video so I will give it a 5 out of 5 rating.

Review written by Isabelle

Chancellor - Surrender (ft. Lyn)
Eye catching visuals!
Not a lot to see!
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