Dance King, Daichi Miura, released a PV for Darkest Before Dawn on 1st March. Darkest Before Dawn is the title track for Daichi’s upcoming album HIT. Daichi Miura is a triple threat, he sings, dances and choreographs like a pro and this track shows off these perfected skills.

The song starts off with a strong guitar strum before Daichi’s honey-sweet voice washes over you. Daichi’s voice truly lights up the darkness, making a glum world that little bit better. Thanks Daichi! Daichi possesses a rare and special quality, his voice captivates from the first note making you fall in love instantly which sends you spiralling into a Daichi saturated world (well for me at least). If you’re new to Daichi, this is the perfect first song which will have you bopping along to the upbeat chorus.

Like most of his videos, this one features some jaw-dropping dance skills (no doubt choreographed by the man himself) to the backdrop of a dark forest and mountainous area. Daichi is energetic and captivating, filling the screen with just himself and thus proving you don’t always need backup dancers. As usual, Daichi is passionate with all his moves to the point that I want to join him on that rock, his charms and talents dispelling any fear of heights.

Fitting with the theme, the majority of the video is dark with clever mobile lighting which illuminates Daichi. Near the end of the video, Daichi busts some moves in daylight proving that there is indeed light after the darkness.

Daichi’s sweet voice combined with his sharp dancing skills makes with an enjoyable track and PV. However, be warned: dancing on rocks above a body of water is not a good idea no matter how cool and effortless Daichi makes it look.

Review written by Celena

Daichi Miura - Darkest before Dawn
Beautiful vocal and amazing dancing as always
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