On 16th of January, Starship released another single from the Vintage Box project, this time featuring Dasom from the well known girl group called “SISTAR” and 40. The Vintage Box is an innovative and original idea where artists under the Starship record label cover indie, popular songs, in order to reinvent themselves and bring all different types of music together.

The song  talks about a love story between two people who are too shy to confess their love for each other. They worry that if they will tell each other the truth, one of them will run away in fear. The fear of rejection keeps them apart and makes them sad. As a slow ballad, the song moves you and makes you feel the shivers of your first love.

The music video matches perfectly with the meaning of the song and the melancholic lyrics. It has a vintage and old vibe, especially because the way it is edited. The yellowish filter that is  constantly present in the video gives you the impression that this was filmed in a different era, making the video seem endless. The chemistry between the two singers makes the video even better, giving you the impression that the love story is real. The collaboration makes me think a little bit of Suzy and Baekhyun’s duet released last year. In the music video you can also see the two artists singing to each other, with burning chemistry and a dreamy atmosphere.

Overall, I think the music video suits the theme of the song, and it is not too overloaded with too many visual effects. There are also no choreography or too many background changes. The whole music video happens in a music studio where the 2 singers are recording. I think the simplicity of the video is what it makes it more beautiful and appealing to the public.

Review by Andreea

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Dasom (SISTAR) & 40 - You & I
A simple music video, beautifully filmed, who lets the intensity and lyrics of the song shine.
There could have been at least one scenery change to make the video more dynamic.
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