What makes this review so much more interesting is the fact that DPR or Dream Perfect Regime are an up-and-coming movement, gaining a lot of momentum and force in Hallyu. As an independent music label and promotion group, DPR are the face for many rising K-Hip-Hop and R&B artists who want to—not just disseminate good music—but also promote with aesthetically powerful work. So, whilst the name LIVE is still a new one, with his debut single being ‘Know Me’ ft. the equally up-and-coming DEAN, seeing names like Crush, Loco, and Jay Park helps us note that this movement is one that will not be going away any time soon. With that said, the MV for LIVE’s track ‘Laputa’ ft. Crush, from his debut EP “Coming To You Alive” released on 15th March 2017, is one that will send you buzzing with excitement!

What makes this MV so amazing to watch is its cinematography. C-Clown’s Rome a.k.a. Christian Yu, the artistic director and producer, has done an amazing job developing this MV and its aesthetics. The MV moves slickly between different places and draws out the colour from the most stunning places being the ocean, a rapeseed flower field, a thunder-stricken meadow, a hill range, and to a cosmic view. The movement between scenes is beautifully done.

However, what makes these scenes even more aesthetically pleasing is that, whilst we definitely get the incredibly realistic visuals, the transitions are also digitally manipulated in such a way that we get a psychedelic feel from them: in particular, the scenes with the cosmic views and the stars, whilst it’s obvious that they’re scenes we would never see, the ways those cut scenes have been manipulated draw the viewer in and capture our attention.

However, ultimately, the MV is also incredibly simple: the panoramic views isolate the solo artists and emphasise their singularity and loneliness, making us focus on their lyrics and rap-making. It’s an amazing way to draw the audience into the lyrics and tracks.

Like Laputa, the mythical floating island of Gulliver’s Travels (though here it wouldn’t surprise me if DPR have the Miyazaki image in their minds!), there is great beauty in the impossible: the transitions between the scenes as well as the focus on trees, greenery, shrubbery, nature and so on, draw us into a world that is very contrasting to the usually more urban and concrete jungle setting of rap and hip-hop and that’s what makes this MV so effective.

Overall, it’s a beautifully produced MV, one that draws in the audience from the first few moments, and binds your attention to it the entire time. DPR have released a masterpiece of an MV and with works like these being released, Hallyu is being raised—not just as a genre of music—but as a musical and aesthetic movement that should not be messed with. Well done, DPR!

Review written by Tariq

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DPR LIVE ft. CRUSH - Laputa
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