As we prepare for the spring season, a collab is always welcome: on 23rd January 2017, EXO’s Chen and Dynamic Duo released their collaboration ‘Nosedive’ and its MV on YouTube. This calming, mellow track is accompanied by a simple but refreshing MV that just gets you in the feels, and gets you into the spring mood.

What makes this MV so refreshing? Well, for one, it’s not about love necessarily, but rather about just relationships in general and given the MV, I guess that is even more apparent. What this MV even more refreshing is that it features an older figure as the main protagonist, which is quite rare in Hallyu MVs, given that more senior actors are slowly being phased out as ‘parents’, ‘grandparents’, or ‘villains’ in MVs with distinct storylines and narratives.

However, the MV for ‘Nosedive’ is a whole new kettle of fish: the pure simplicity of this old man – without failing to add that he’s rather dapperly dressed with his lovely three-piece suit and hat – walking through this expansive field, without a single building in suit, in the bright and seemingly warm sunlight, is such a lovely and hard-hitting image and so different from the typically heavily choreographed MVs.

But there’s also a degree of sadness and melancholy in this? Why is this old man dressed in a dark suit? Has he just lost someone close to him? We’ll never know, I guess.

On the other hand, what makes this MV so heart-warming is his sudden spring to a collection of trees bare from the winter cold surrounded by the tall grass reeds that sway in the wind. The sense of hope and optimism of this old man is so real and hard-hitting and we can’t help but feel very emotionally drawn to him and his untold story.

Whatever the situation, this MV is definitely one of the most beautiful and emotionally powerful I’ve watched this year and gives us a completely vision than what we’re used to. Ultimately, matched with the perfect track given to us by Dynamic Duo and EXO’s Chen, this MV will send the feels up your spine to your heart: such is the power and success of such MVs. Well done, Dynamic Duo and Chen!

Review written by Tariq

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Dynamic Duo and Chen (EXO) - Nosedive
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